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The A-Z of a Romantic Novelists Association Conference

A is for arrivals and greeting old friends

B is for books –  that’s why we are there.

Book bliss

C is for chocolate – lots of it

D is for dinner – a gala event – and for the delicious desert

Divine dessert

E is for the Elizabeth Goudge Award, won by the fabulous Kate Johnson 

Congrats Kate

F is for friends old and new

G is for goodie bags stuffed with books and chocolate 

Jane Lovering adds bubbles to the bulging goodie bags

H is for handbags – just because we can 

Don't you love it!

I is for inspiration found here in large quantities

J is for the journey to get here – always worth our while

K is for kitchens where parties were held

Mine was the noisy kitchen

L is for learning, which we all did at the workshops

M is for the men brave enough to join us 

Welcome gentlemen!

N is for newbies welcomed for the first time

O is for opportunities to meet with an agent or editor and further your career

P is for photographs taken and shared

Lizzie Lamb - shutterbug

Q is for quiz – the Sunday evening brain teaser that we all take so seriously!

R is for reading … we do that too

T is for teaching and sharing what we know with our friends and colleagues

Julie Cohen's workshop on Themes

S is for shoes of course – we ARE romantic novelists 

So many great shoes...

U is for Universities where we hold these events – in this case, Sheffield

V is for veterans who come every year (don’t say old-timers… never!)

W is for wine – lots of it

Winding down on Sunday afternoon

X is for X-rated books and workshops on how to write erotica

Y is for YES! – the word everyone hopes to hear during an editor appointment

Z  is for the ZZzzzzz when we arrive safely home again

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