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Award winning author

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The best of British - a good example of a popular genre.
The best of British – a good example of a popular genre.

I seem to remember that on this blog some time ago, I vowed to make sure that this year I read some new authors – AND some of the TBR paperbacks on my bookshelves.

I’m trying – honestly I am, but I have been travelling a bit lately, and the e-reader is so much easier that a suitcase full of books.

But I have tried some new authors and have found some great new writers … although this blog begins with an old favourite….

Wedding Bells for Nurse Connie – Jean Fullerton (Paperback and a favourite author)

I received this in the post – a signed copy from the author who is a good friend. It went straight to the top of my TBR pile because I always enjoy Jean’s books.

This is my favourite of her four nurse books. It’s a bit more romantic than it’s predecessor. And the hero is just lovely. At the same time, Jean has stayed true to her readership and her roots with a detailed a fascinating account of nursing in London’s East End in the early years of the NHS. And she deals with some of the prejudices of the time in a realistic but sensitive manner.

Although the book is part of a series, it works perfectly as a stand-alone read (although you’re sure to want to read the rest anyway – because they are all good).

WWII and post WWII books are hugely popular right now – and if that’s your genre, you’re in for a treat with this book.

A perfect story for to make an expat like me very homesick.
A perfect story to make an expat like me very homesick.

The House at The Bottom of The Hill – Jennie Jones (paperback – a first from a new author – but it won’t be the last)

I’ve had this book sitting in my bookcase for ages. Now that I’ve read it, I’m wondering why it took so long. And it certainly won’t take so long to get to the next one.

This book was exactly what small town Aussie romance is all about. There’s a heart-warming love story at the centre of the book, and wrapped around that is the story of the town and the people in it.

The town of Swallow’s Falls is populated with believable and lovable characters – good and bad. The heroine is a young woman touched by violence and darkness who comes to the town seeking answers… and finds more than she had ever hoped for.

This was a lovely read. It’s the third book in the Swallow’s Falls series – and it you like small town romance, this series is well worth a look.

An intriguing book.
An intriguing book.

Out of Sight Out of Mind – Evonne Wareham (neither paperback nor a new author)

I like a good bit of romantic suspense – and I like a good bit of paranormal activity.

The label paranormal has been taken over a bit by the sexy vampire genre – and that’s not at all what this is.

Oxford Dictionaries describes paranormal as: events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding. That’s the sort of paranormal in this book. People with minds that are able to reach beyond the normal boundaries of the human experience.

Take that and twist a romance through the middle – that’s what you get with this book.

This is the second book I’ve read by this fellow ChocLit author – and I liked this even more than the first.

It’s well written and a gripping read.

This was not an easy book to read - but it was good.
This was not an easy book to read – but it was good.

The Good Father – Diane Chamberlain (neither paperback nor a new author)

I’m not doing terribly well with my resolution for new authors and to clear my paperback TBR pile – but I like Diane Chamberlain’s books and was in the right mood for another.

This book surprised me – it took me a little bit to get into it. It’s multi viewpoint and dual time line. Normally, I like that level of complexity. Perhaps I was distracted right at the beginning, because once I did get into the book, I enjoyed it. Once again she is writing about family relationships – and in the case exploring what makes a good parent.

This wasn’t a light read – but it was worth sticking with.




The simple cover image doesn't hint at the depth in this book.
The simple cover image doesn’t hint at the depth in this book.

Home To Whiskey Creek – Brenda Novak (neither paperback nor a new author)

This was a very good book. I’ve read a few of Brenda Novak’s novels – in fact I was surprised to discover she hasn’t popped up on my blog before this.

Whiskey Creek is the setting for a number of Brenda Novak’s books – and as you know, I like a small town series. This particular book is a romance, but its much more. No spoilers here of course, but the heroine is struggling with fallout from something that happened to her when she was a teenager. She’s returned to the town looking for justice or perhaps revenge. But things don’t go quite the way she had planned.

Highly recommend this – and all Brenda Novak’s books generally.



Don't be fooled by the cover - it's deeper than this.
Don’t be fooled by the cover – it’s deeper than this.

Some Kind of Wonderful – Barbara Freethy (neither paperback nor a new author)

I’ve really been enjoying US romance lately. I started reading this and realised I had read it before – but that didn’t stop me reading it again. I am a big fan of US contemporary romances, and Barbara Freethy is a fine example of the genre.

Like Brenda Novak, her stories are, on the face of it, lovely romances. But there’s something darker in here as well. The characters have real issues to deal with, and to me, that makes them far more real.

I will confess, I don’t particularly like this cover. It’s a pretty image, but to me, it doesn’t do justice to the book. The cover makes it seem like a book about a heroine’s desire to marry. And there so much more to it than just that. Another author I recommend.

So… I am failing terribly to clear the paperbacks on my TBR pile. Shame on me. I’ve just finished reading the book at the top of this post and am about to start something new. I’ve looked over my shoulder – there are so many great paperbacks waiting on my TRB shelf (well – shelves… four of them). I WILL now pick up a paperback. Come back soon to see which one, and before you go – tell me – what was the last paperback you read?