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A special anthology

A lovely volume – beautifully produced.

I am becoming very fond of the postman – he (or more accurately, they) keep bringing me such lovely surprises.

This time it was an elegant volume called Notes On A Page, which combines creativity and talent with the desire to help others.

The book is a collection of short works from She Voices – a group of women writers based in Richmond. Back in May, I had the opportunity to meet them and spent a very pleasant evening in their company.

As a result of that meeting, they invited me to join this book. All the profits from the book are going to Refuge, a charity which helps women and children who are victims of domestic violence. This is a cause I believe in, and it’s a theme I have visited more than once in my own writing.

I was very happy to give them a story – House Rules – which has an unashamedly feminist theme, very much in keeping with some of the other works in the anthology.

When the book arrived, I took great delight in reading through the other works. What a range. There is poetry, song lyrics and a wide variety of stories touching on many themes. But what the book really brought home to me was the amazing support the group gives all its members. Writing can be a lonely and heat-breaking thing, and we all need support from time to time.

So – if you are a writer – or dream of being a writer –find a group like She Voices… like-minded souls who will offer support and friendship, a shoulder to cry on or a cheer to celebrate good news. And along the way, you might also get the chance to offer a helping hand to a group like Refuge.

If you’d like to pick up a copy of Notes on a Page – you can find it here….

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