Award winning outback romance

I am excited to announce that Marrying The Rebel Prince, my fun flirty royal romance, is a finalist in the Write Touch Readers’ Award, presented by the Wisconsin Chapter of the Romance Writers of America.  So very very thrilled.

It’s publication day.

Wedding Bells by The Creek published by Farwell Publications

I think the cover perfectly captures the feel of the book.

Today is one of those days that authors love. It’s publication day for Wedding Bells by the Creek – the 5th book in the Coorah Creek Series.

Publication day is the culmination of months of work. It’s not just the writing. Before the first word is even written, I have to spend time thinking about the story and the characters and what the book will be about. When the writing is finished, there’s revision and  editing, working to get the cover just right. Coming up with a blurb and a shout line.

But all that is worthwhile when I look at the final book.  Of course, that’s when the nervousness sets in.

Will my readers like the story? Will they love my hero? Are there things about the book I could have made better?

That nervousness abates a bit if I get a few good reviews, but it never entirely goes away. Well, at least not until I get so involved with the next book that I don’t have time to think about being nervous.

So – thank you to everyone who has supported my Coorah Creek series – I hope you like this book.

And thank you everyone who contributed to my seeing this on Amazon……

This helps ease my insecurities – just a bit.




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One Response to It’s publication day.

  • Best of luck with ‘Wedding Bells by The Creek’, Janet. I love your books. I’ve never been to the Outback, but your evocation of the sights, smell, sounds and heat transport me there instantly. And when there’s an exciting story, too, with a great hero and heroine, and a lot at stake – I’m in heaven!

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