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Its time to get excited.

Keeping up with these neighbours is a bit difficult.


Counting down…

A couple of my neighbours are getting ready for a wedding. By neighbours, I mean them that live in that big castle just a couple of miles up the road from me.

It’s a week until Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get married at Windsor Castle. As an Australian, I find all things royal to be quite fascinating. There’s history there – and traditions that we don’t have Down Under. That’s why I wrote a royal wedding novel (before this engagement was even announced).

Anyway I thought I would count down to the big day with some of things about the royal wedding that make me smile….

This required a day spent wandering around Windsor in the lovely spring Sunshine – gosh, the things I force myself to do.

I’ll start with bunting and street parties.

Street parties are not a thing in Australia. Why not? We are a friendly lot and we certainly like parties. It’s the whole ‘street’ thing that doesn’t work.

Where I grew up for example. The street was a bit of graded gravel and the number of houses in that street – one. That’s not the makings of a big party. In other places, the ‘street’ is actually a major highway leading between towns, and every now and then a gravel drive leads off the highway to a property, maybe a kilometre off the road. Again, not exactly party central.

Bunting is also a problem. When it’s that far to the next house, you’d need an awful lot of bunting.

There’s still plenty of bunting available if you haven’t got yours yet.

But that doesn’t stop me loving the whole idea of street parties and bunting. It’s such a wonderful way to bring the community together.

I love that even the local chippie gets involved.

So, hats off to all those people stocking up on bunting and champagne. Have a wonderful time.

Tomorrow this Aussie girl’s thoughts turn to souvenirs..

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