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My Number #1 Royal Wedding Fantasy

My very own royal wedding invitation.

Are you sure you are ready for this?

This is the first time I’ve been in this country for a big royal wedding. I was in New York when William and Kate married, and watching a royal wedding in the US is a whole experience in itself. They love a royal wedding over there almost as much as we do.

I guess my invitation to this royal wedding must have been lost by the Royal Mail. But that’s all right. I made my own invitation to my very own royal wedding.

The funny thing – when writing the book, which was before Harry and Meghan were even officially dating, I had my bride invite a lot of everyday people to fill the courtyard around the palace chapel to join in the fun. And of course, that’s exactly what Meghan did. Now I am curious to see if THE dress in any way resembles mine. Or the flowers. Or…

So – do you want to know my number one royal wedding smile…

A few nights ago, I was at a concert in Greenwich and fell in love.. With this…

Pretty. Shiny. Not too much?

It was in the window of such an interesting and petty shop full of lovely sparkly things. I really really wanted to go inside and try it on. But I just knew that if I did, money would be spent. So I left it there and will have to have my royal wedding day without it. But I have the photo as my royal wedding souvenir.

What a wonderful setting for a wedding.

I always cry at weddings – even my own. Maybe especially my own. There is now only one more sleep to go. I will be sitting in front of the TV tomorrow, with a box of tissues handy. There may even be something of a celebratory nature. Here’s hoping the sun shines.

And the last royal wedding moment, comes from the bride and groom themselves, from the window of a lovely old pub just next to Windsor Castle.

Oh look – I think I know them.

Enjoy tomorrow. I will.


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One Response to My Number #1 Royal Wedding Fantasy

  • I really enjoyed The Wedding! I’m a sucker for royal ceremony, anyway; I love the way that everything works like clockwork, down to the last second. The horses are splendidly groomed and impeccably trained; the choir boys look as if butter wouldn’t met in their mouths, and they sing like angels; and the guests, too, have to fulfil the parts allotted to them in order to make a satisfying whole. And when it works, it’s very moving and, somehow energising.

    I daresay I’ll be back in October to watch Princess Eugenie’s wedding, too!

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