Award winning outback romance

I am excited to announce that Wedding Bells by The Creek – the fifth book in my Coorah Creek series, is a finalist in the Aspen Gold Readers Choice Award, presented by the Heart of Denver chapter of Romance Writers of America.  So very very thrilled. There are more details here.

The inspiration for Waiting For A Wish

The question writers get asked most is – where do you get your ideas. My answer is anywhere and everywhere.

“Waiting For A Wish” started with an embarrassing moment on a railway station platform.

It was a chilly morning, with just a little light rain and I was listening to my iPod as I waited for the London train. Apparently I was also dancing, which I didn’t realise until I noticed a man watching me.

I cringed with embarrassment, then realised I had no reason to cringe. Dancing is not a crime. More people should dance – particularly when facing the morning commute to work.

This got me thinking – could I write a story about someone dancing on a railway station platform?

Suddenly, she was there. In my head. Dancing in the rain at the end of the platform. I don’t know how I knew she was a fairy. I just knew.

I don’t know where the sad lonely little boy came from. Maybe he came into my head because he needed to meet a fairy.

I wrote their story on the train.

It remains one of my favourite pieces. For many reasons. But mostly because I like to believe that even on cold rainy mornings, fairies sometimes dance at railway stations.

Egham Station

Egham Station

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