The Choc Lit Love Match Selection

The Choc Lit Love Match published by Choc LitThe Perfect Treat

I can’t write a better description than this – taken from a five star review on Amazon…

“I’m imagining opening a selection box of luxury chocolates and all these wonderful authors in miniature size standing on a chocolate waving and calling ‘Pick me! Pick me!’ As I look at the leaflet inside, instead of telling me the flavour of the chocolate, it tells me the flavour of the short story. They all sound so gorgeous, I just have to keep them all to myself. And then there’s more; a second layer! A mouth watering recipe to go with each short story. If short stories were yummy, then these particular ones would be delicious.”

Review by Love Reading Love Books

That’s exactly what this anthology was designed to be.

This is my first publication with Choc Lit – a short story called Sweet Memory. It’s wonderful to be there in this book alongside some of my favourite authors – whom I am also honoured to call my friends.

It’s also your first glimpse of the world of Coorah Creek, a small town in outback Australia. I’ll be taking you back to the town in my Coorah Creek series of novels.

And, by the way – the recipe? I can’t say too much but it involves chocolate and marshmallows – but there’s fruit too which negates all the calories. I know this, because I had to test-drive the recipe a couple of times before giving it to you – just to make sure it was all right.

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