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I am excited to announce my new book – just in time for the Royal wedding. Marrying The Rebel Prince, a light-hearted romantic read, is available to pre-order now..

Marrying The Rebel Prince

Marrying The Rebel Prince by Janet Gover published by HQ Digital
Your invitation to the most romantic royal wedding of 2018

Prince Nicolas Edwin Verbier D’arennes is a second son, the spare heir of a tiny unimportant kingdom. After a career in the military, he appears set on a life in the fast lane – a royal rebel with good looks, too much money and too little to do.

Lauren Phelps is a struggling young artist, with looks and personality as unique and unconventional as the portraits she paints. A once in a lifetime opportunity comes in the form of a commission to paint a royal portrait.

The painting of a portrait is an intimate affair, but public scrutiny on their every move threatens to tear them apart.

If they survive the social media storms, will their love still be strong enough overcome the secrets that each hides?

Falling in love with a prince is the easy part.

Janet says…

I love a Cinderella story. Who doesn’t? But I think a lot about what happened after they fall in love. I imagine that falling in love with a handsome prince is easy. Marrying him – now that’s a different story, especially for a girl who is just not proper royal bride material. There must be a lot of obstacles between ‘I love you’ and the altar. And what about after that? Taking on a royal role must be hard if you haven’t trained for it all your life.

I wrote this book well before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement, but when I heard that news, it seemed like the perfect time to send this story out into the world. It’s a fairy tale, for all those little girls who never gave up dreaming that one day their prince would come.

Buy Marrying The Rebel Prince as an ebook from these retailers: Kobo AngusRobertson

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