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Bookings are now open for my three 2020 residential writing retreats, co-tutored with RNA Chair Alison May. Details can be found here.

Talks and Events

I love getting out and about to meet other people who love books…

If I’m going to be near you, please drop by. I’d love to meet you – and nothing makes a writer happier than signing a book for someone.

And if you would like me to speak to your group or at an event, just drop me an e-mail.

You’ll find me:

October 15-19, 2018 : Writing Popular Fiction, a week long residential course for Literature Wales at their Tŷ Newydd Writing Centre. Bookings are now being taken.

July 12 – 14, 2019 : The RNA Annual Conference

March 8 – 10, 2019 :  Spring Writing retreat at Kings Coughton, near Stratford-upon-Avon. There are places available on this course. Details can be found here.

October 11-13, 2019 :  Spring Writing retreat at Kings Coughton, near Stratford-upon-Avon. Bookings are now being taken for this course. Details can be found here.



A reading at a London book store

A reading at a London book store

Past Events

Teaching is also learning

Hard at work!

Hard at work!

In the heart of Shakespeare country last weekend, it was retreat time.

This was the second Developing Your Novel retreat I’ve led with my writing mate and awesome tutor, Alison May.

What a great weekend it was, sharing experiences and knowledge and ideas about writing with a group of like-minded folks. There was a certain amount of chocolate and red wine shared too, of course.

But one part of the weekend always makes me nervous: the manuscript appraisals. Continue reading

Creative Grass Roots

Scarlet Kite kicked of the evening with some original music.

Scarlet Kite kicked of the evening with some original music.

This week I spent a lovely evening as a guest of She Voices – a group of women writers based in Richmond, in London.

We gathered at the Tea Box for an evening of music and words with an added layer of cake, tea (and wine) and fellowship.

I was struck by how important evenings like this really are. Continue reading

Developing Your Novel

The Magic Pudding Fridge - it was awesome!!

As a child, I didn’t ever get to watch the Magic Roundabout on TV (sob). But all that is now forgotten – because I have met the Magic Pudding Fridge.

It was awesome!! Just like something out of a fairy tale – which was appropriate given it was surrounded by writers.

Perhaps I should explain.

Last weekend I had the privilege of leading a writing retreat with my friend and fellow Choc Lit author – the always inspirational Alison May. Continue reading ?

It’s all about the internet

This week I seem to have been talking a lot about social media and the internet. Not on the internet of course – but face to face.

That happens to me a lot since I outed myself as a geek-girl.

I’ve dropped by two RNA chapters… and spent a morning with the lovely people at the U3A in Harrow.

Why does nobody sit in the front row? Are you afraid I bite? The lovely group at Harrow U3A.

Social media reared its head each time…because there’s a lot of pressure on everyone these days to be social on the internet.

So I thought I would post my top ten tips for social media, blogs and the internet generally. Continue reading ?

RWA Conference

One of those unexpected bonus moments

This week – I had the joy of spending a few days in Melbourne at the RWA (Romance Writers Of Australia) conference.

It was great to make so many new friends and meet so many writers..

And there were some unexpected bonus moments… Continue reading ?

Concerning conferences

Another good thing about a conference - there's always a lot of great books to discover

Last weekend, I joined a couple of hundred other writers for the annual Romantic Novelists Association conference. This year it was close to home at Queen Mary University in east London, but in the past I have travelled some distance to attend the conference. I’ve also made my way to other such events overseas.

Why? Because I think these conferences are important for several reasons.

Writing is a lonely business. We spend a lot of time at our desks, talking to people who are, let’s be honest, imaginary. If we weren’t writers, talking to imaginary people and hearing their voices in our heads would probably earn us a visit to a care facility for the confused. Continue reading ?

It’s all about image…

Some of the ladies at the RNA chapter workshop - you'll see what had them so interested when you get to the end of the blog

As writers – we paint pictures with words… right?

But what about those times we need to paint pictures with – well… pictures.

With blogs and Facebook and Pinterest and other social media – we all have to manage images at some time. And with phones in our cameras … who knows what opportunities will arise.

This week I led a workshop on images and how to manipulate them for the London and South East Chapter of the Romantic Novelists Association.

Here are some of the tips we talked about. Continue reading ?

A love affair with books…

the stall 2

Can you imagine a whole weekend devoted to romantic novels – filled with people who love reading and writing them?

The lovely market town of Leighton Buzzard was inundated with writers and booklovers this weekend – for the Annual festival of Romantic Fiction.

What fun it was too! Continue reading ?

Its all about the place and time.

The lovely Fiona Harper took this shot of me - in full swing... although somewhat dwarfed by the projector screen.

I was at the fabulous RNA conference last weekend – where I delivered a workshop on how to use settings more effectively in a book.

My workshop was at 9 AM the morning after the Gala Dinner – but despite the late night party, a large number of hearty souls were up and about early – thanks for coming.

A few were still not actually able to focus well enough to make notes, so for those and for anyone else who might finds it useful – here are some of my notes.

Setting is three things – time, place and reality. Continue reading ?

A wild time in New Orleans

with kate and christina

Wow – what a week it’s been.

Along with some fellow authors from Choc Lit, I’ve been in New Orleans for the Romantic Times Booklovers convention.

Something in the vicinity of 3,000 readers and authors and librarians and booksellers all in party mode – sorry, I meant to say all working very hard.

On arrival at the hotel and convention centre – it wasn’t hard to figure out there was something afoot…Continue reading ?

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