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Kisses & Cupcakes

Kisses & Cupcakes published by Choc LitMore sweet shorts…

This is the second anthology of short stories by the Choc Lit Authors.
They are romantic stories, of course – and once again there is a theme. Yes – cakes do get a mention.

My story is called ‘A Piece of Cake’ – but writing it wasn’t.

Well – writing it was, coming up with the perfect idea for a story for a baking based anthology wasn’t all that easy. It is based on a terribly traumatic cake-based incident in my past – which you can read about here in the story behind the story. (Don’t worry – it’s not at all sad).

The story is also inspired by, but not a reflection of, my two years of living in New York. I do hope I captured some of the feeling of starting over in a new place which is something many of us have done.

There are a total of 18 stories in the anthology – some are funny, some are sad, but all of them are romantic. As for the recipes – there are cupcakes, but there are other treats as well. There’s something for everyone.

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Kisses and Cupcakes offers all a girl needs. Tasty fare and love, irresistible!” Amazon 5 * review

“As always Choc Lit have produced an amazing collection of short stories.” Amazon 5 * review

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