The Lawson Sisters

The Lawson Sisters by Janet Gover, published by Harper CollinsI’m absolutely thrilled to announce my new book – The Lawson Sisters.

This is my thirteenth book – but despite superstition – I don’t think it’s at all unlucky.

The whole idea for this story developed in my head while I was staying with a friend in the Scone region of New South Wales. I am so often inspired by locations and this was no exception.

I loved looking at the brood mares grazing, with their huge round bodies as they waited for their foals to come. As for the foals – how much time is it possible to waste just watching them play? The answer – a great deal.

The Upper Hunter is also a place of wonderful, historic properties, each with stories to tell about the families that built them.

While reaching The Lawson Sisters, I also spent a day in a wonderful historic homestead that has been turned into a wedding venue, in Queensland. The staff there were so helpful in telling me about the work it took to convert the property and sharing stories of some of the weddings held there.

So we have – The Lawson Sisters – a story of family, secrets and second chances.

You can read some more about it here .

Writing this book was a joy – made even better by friends, fellow writers and family, and the support of my agent Julia Silk and the fabulous publishing team at Harper Collins, Australia.

I have said it before – and I say it again – being a writer is THE best job in the world.