Little Girl Lost

There is more than one way to be lost…
When Tia Walsh rides into the small town of Coorah Creek on a Harley Davidson, Sergeant Max Delaney senses that everything about her spells trouble. But Tia’s trouble is not all of her own making, and the dangerous past she tried to leave behind is hot on her heels.

Sarah Travers has returned home after three years of college to find that her parents have been keeping a devastating secret. Her childhood crush, Pete Rankin, is facing his own struggle with a harsh reality that will take him away from the girl and the life that he loves.

Tia, Max, Sarah and Pete are all trying to find their future, but when a little girl goes missing in the harsh outback, nothing else matters and an entire town  will come together to save her.

Janet says…

This book is inspired by a true story of a little boy who was lost in the Australian bush in 1960. After a huge search, he was found safe and well and the incident inspired a song that has haunted me for years. The song was a massive hit and you can listen to it on You Tube – but I should warn you, it might make you cry.

Little Girl Lost might make you cry too. I hope it does – because my goal in writing this book was to write a story that might touch you, the reader, as much as the story of that little lost boy touched the nation.

I must confess that I cried when this book was given the Romantic Novelist’s Association Epic Romantic Novel of the Year Award… for a book with a strong central romance that also looks at wider issues. It truly was an honour to receive such recognition.


“…brings the dry heat of the Australian outback into your living room and keeps you turning the pages” Amazon 5*
“…an intriguing, entertaining and charming story.” Keeper Bookshelf – 5*
“A bit more grit than the average romance. I became oblivious to the rest of my surroundings as I was so engrossed, right up until the last page.” Rachel’s Random Reads – 5*
“By the time you finish this book, you will start brushing off the red dust – everything becomes so real when you’re immersed in the happenings of the Creek. And I’m always so sad to leave there.” Annie’s Book Corner – 5*

Little Girl Lost is currently unavailable but will be re-published in 2022