The Library at Wagtail Ridge

Winner of the Romance Writers of Australia
Romantic Book of the Year Award 2023

An unexpected and unusual inheritance sets a young woman on the road to discover her mother’s deepest secret.

When Lou Taylor inherits a quaint country cottage and a mobile library full of books from her birth mother, she heads to the small town of Wagtail Ridge to learn more about the woman she never knew. Curiously, the last piece of the bequest is a handwritten letter, the first of many Luca left scattered along the library’s route in hopes of finally sharing her secrets with the daughter she had to give up.

The townspeople of Wagtail Ridge flock around Lou, wanting to share the stories of Luca’s life, but she knows she must learn about her birth mother in the way Luca intended. Jake Barnes, her new neighbour, offers to help her follow the trail, but weighing on his conscience is a promise he made to Luca – a secret that now stands between him and the woman who’s slowly capturing his heart…

As the kilometres fly by, Lou gradually untangles who her mother was and what lay behind the choices she made. At the same time, she finds herself drawing ever closer to kind, handsome Jake. But will it all be enough to keep her in Wagtail Ridge when she has another happy life waiting for her in the city?

Janet says…

A mobile library used to call on my little community. It was always a great day when it arrived. Stepping into the back of the truck was like walking into a world of infinite possibilities. And the librarians who brought the truck were fabulous. They introduced me to authors who are still among my favourites. I wanted to pay tribute to those libraries and the important role they still play in small rural communities.

I was really caught up in Lou’s journey of discovery. The lovely Jake was a bit of a surprise when he wandered onto the page. So too was Ollie, the Labrador. But they now have a firm place in my heart. I hope you’ll love them too.

Reviews for The Library at Wagtail Ridge

‘This book will stay in my heart and soul.’ – Amazon 5*

‘The story is heartbreaking in parts, comical in others but the heart of it all is love.’ – Amazon 5*

‘Gorgeous, sweet, emotional read.’ – Amazon 5*

‘…a beautiful story, wonderful characters, fabulous setting and filled with emotion, I did shed a few tears reading this one’ – Goodreads 5*

‘…this Library at Wagtail Ridge book was exceptional.’ – Amazon 5*

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