The Knitting Club at Wagtail Ridge

The Knitting Club at Wagtail Ridge by Janet Gover

A heartwarming story of second chances, baby alpacas, and knitting a fractured family back together.

These ladies know a perfect match when they see one…
Bree Johnston has given up trying to be the perfect lawyer. It’s time to focus on her own dreams, so she decides to leave the city and set up an alpaca farm and wool shop. Her grandmother Rose might be her only supporter, but that’s fine. Bree’s done trying to win her parents’ approval.
She finds the perfect property in the charming small town of Wagtail Ridge but gets more than she bargained for when sparks start flying with the handsome real estate agent.
Being a dad is the most important thing in Matt Ambrose’s life. His small agency is struggling, but he’s committed to raising his young daughter, Vicki, in the country, the way he and her late mother had planned. But Vicki’s grandmother wants to take control, and her interference is only getting worse, putting his little family at risk.
Although these two have a lot on their plates, the ladies of the newly formed Wagtail Ridge Knitting Club know a perfect match when they see one. Or rather two perfect matches, when shearing boss Mike walks onto Bree’s farm and into her grandmother’s life. With needles, yarn and cups of tea to hand, the matchmaking begins…

Janet says:

While writing this book, I spent some time at alpaca farms. It was the best research I have ever done. Alpacas are so cute. I swear they have their own sense of humour. It was a delight getting to know them. I am of course, a knitter. I have many boxes of yarn stashed through the house. I find knitting incredibly relaxing. The pleasure of wearing something that I have knitted myself is almost as much as the joy of holding a finished book in my hands. So what could be better than combining both?

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