Hello fellow booklover. Please pour yourself a cup of tea,  find a comfy seat and grab a book. I tell stories of family and community, of love, loss and second chances. I like to write about strong women and the courage we can find inside ourselves when we really need it. On this site, you’ll also meet Juliet Bell. I’m half of the writing team that likes to re-examine classic novels and not so heroic heroes. If you’re a writer, there’s plenty of room here for you too. Look on my For Writers page and join me on this wonderful journey. Come on in… you are very welcome.


The Library at Wagtail Ridge by Janet Gover The Knitting Club at Wagtail Ridge by Janet Gover
The Lawson Sisters by Janet Gover, published by Harper Collins The Lawson Legacy by Janet Gover

Recent News

The Lawsons are back.

The Lawson sisters are back, with the release of the second book – The Lawson Legacy. Where the first book was Liz’s story, this book

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