The Lawson Sisters

The Lawson Sisters by Janet Gover, published by Harper CollinsA heartfelt and compelling story of family, secrets and second chances, set in the heart of the beautiful Hunter Valley of NSW, from an award-winning new voice in Australian fiction.

A fractured family. Guilty secrets. Can the Lawson legacy be saved?

For many years Elizabeth Lawson has battled single-handedly to run the family’s historic horse stud in memory of her beloved father. But a devastating loss puts her dreams at risk. With no options left, Liz is forced to turn to her estranged sister Kayla for help.

Kayla has built a new life in the city as a wedding planner, far removed from the stableyard sweat and dust of her rural upbringing. She never thought she’d go back. But when Liz calls out of the blue, Kayla forms a plan that could save their childhood home.

Kayla’s return forces Liz to confront her past … and her future, in the shape of Mitch, her first and only love, who still watches over her from the other side of the creek.

But Liz still hides a terrible secret. When Kayla learns the truth, will the Lawson sisters find common ground or will their conflict splinter the family once again?

Janet says…

I spent a lot of time in the Hunter Valley as I wrote this book. It’s a lovely place, even when stricken by drought as it has so sadly been. The people I met were happy to have me crawling all over their stables and asking questions about cell phone coverage, the cost of hay and talking to their horses. I also got to spend a lot of time looking at wedding venues and dresses. That was fun too. I’m really fond of Liz and Kayla and Mitch. I hope you’ll enjoy meeting them too.

Reviews for The Lawson Sisters

‘It kept me gripped until the end and it is beautifully written’ – Amazon 5*

‘Lovely, evocative, and well written.’ – Amazon 5*

‘Loved this book, very moving, nearly cried!!’ – Amazon 5*

‘A stirring family drama, set on a spectacular rural stage.’ – Goodreads 5*

‘A beautiful story about making mistakes, loss, love and healing set in the beautiful Hunter Valley region.’ – Goodreads 5*

‘Horses, men, love… what more could a girl want? A heartbreakingly beautiful novel.’ – Goodreads 5*

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