The inspiration for Waiting For A Wish

The question writers get asked most is – where do you get your ideas. My answer is anywhere and everywhere.

“Waiting For A Wish” started with an embarrassing moment on a railway station platform.

It was a chilly morning, with just a little light rain and I was listening to my iPod as I waited for the London train. Apparently I was also dancing, which I didn’t realise until I noticed a man watching me.

I cringed with embarrassment, then realised I had no reason to cringe. Dancing is not a crime. More people should dance – particularly when facing the morning commute to work.

This got me thinking – could I write a story about someone dancing on a railway station platform?

Suddenly, she was there. In my head. Dancing in the rain at the end of the platform. I don’t know how I knew she was a fairy. I just knew.

I don’t know where the sad lonely little boy came from. Maybe he came into my head because he needed to meet a fairy.

I wrote their story on the train.

It remains one of my favourite pieces. For many reasons. But mostly because I like to believe that even on cold rainy mornings, fairies sometimes dance at railway stations.

Egham Station
Egham Station