Fairy Kiss and other stories

Fairy Kiss and other stories published by HoGo PublicationsA lot of people say writing short stories must be easier than writing a full novel – after all, there are a lot fewer words.

That is true and false at the same time. There are fewer words – but they must be much better words.

When writing a novel you have chapters in which to reveal the intricacies of your plot. The reader has days to come to know and like the characters. The plot slowly develops so that the reader starts wondering.. what next? The climax, when it comes, is an emotional moment.

In short stories, you still must have characters and plot. Conflict must develop and there has to be an emotionally satisfying resolution to that conflict. And you have to do it all in two or three thousand words – sometimes less.

Fairy Kiss and other Stories is a collection of my short stories, written over a period of about ten years. These are the stories that taught me how to write. How to make each word count. How to involve my reader – not from the first page, but from the first sentence.

Some of them were written with a specific publisher in mind – so had to conform to certain rules of length and content. Others were written just because a story was in my mind – and I had to write it down. All have been previously published.

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