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The Heights on tour

This week, The Heights sets out on a blog tour.

It’s always a nervous time for me when a book goes out into the world. I have my fingers crossed that people like it.

If you want to know a bit more about the book – stop by the blogs.

Monday 8th Jan – Bookish Jottings

Tuesday 9th Jan – Varietats

Wednesday 10th Jan – BRMaycock’s Book Blog

Thursday 1tth Jan – Charyl M M’s Book Blog

I don’t know what any of the reviewers are going to say in advance – but I have been thrilled at the Amazon reviews already …

” Emily Brontë’s themes stand the test of time and this collaboration is a compelling tribute. Definitely recommend. Five stars. ”

” I stayed up until silly o’clock in the morning to finish it … ”

” I read it in one reading, it was so riveting. ”

” Yes, it works – I did enjoy it, and to do so you really don’t need to be a fan or to be familiar with the original story. ”

Those are the sorts of things that make my day, because when all is said and done, I write books for readers.

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