Royal Wedding Countdown #4

I don’t imagine Meghan and Harry are short of teacups or plates or other necessities for setting up house together. However, I guess there are some things you just can’t have too many of, especially if you’re likely to host a visiting head of state or two.

And if you like your crockery personalised… Harry and Meghan have a lot of options.

I don’t know of this would be on the couple’s gift register.

I’m honestly not sure about the T-towels though. I certainly have souvenir tea towels, mostly with town maps on them. And I have Christmas tea towels and.. well, you know what I mean. But I’m not sure if its entirely respectful to use a photo of the bride and groom to dry your washing up.

I would have to choose the one on the left. I wouldn’t want Harry and Meghan drying my dishes.


Or watching me eat – although I guess this isn’t a plate you’d use every day for dinner.

Of course the wedding isn’t the only big royal thing at the moment. Harry has just become an uncle again. Prince Louis had his fair share of souvenirs – and if you missed out, there are still a few available.

I don’t think Louis will feel too overshadowed. He is ahead of Harry in the line of succession.

So tomorrow we hit the top #3 in my countdown – and you’ll never guess what that is. I’ll give you a hint. There’s strong competition here, and it could well be a cause for dissent.

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