Royal Wedding Countdown #3

Vegemite on toast. YUM! But not exactly right for a royal wedding breakfast


The strangest royal wedding souvenir ever almost topped my royal wedding chart… almost

I was born in Australia remember, and Australia is a Vegemite nation. You either love or hate Vegemite. Personally, it’s my go-to food when I need a bit of cheering up or if I can’t be bothered making a ‘proper’ meal.

It takes a lot to beat Vegemite on toast – with lashings of melting butter. It’s very important to put the butter on while the toast is still hot so it can melt, but you don’t want it all melting. You need some of it to mix in with the Vegemite too.

The amount of Vegemite has to be carefully considered. If you’re a Vegemite newcomer, the merest scraping is enough. For hardened Vegemite addicts like myself, about a teaspoon is right, if applied with the right amount of butter.

And, I can hear you asking, what has this got to do with the royal wedding? I’m so glad you asked.

I wonder if his and hers Marmite will find its way to Kensington Palace.

Now, Marmite may look a lot like Vegemite, but it’s very different. It was something of a shock to me when I first arrived in the UK and tasted it. Luckily Vegemite is available in my local supermarket, or I’d have to import it by the box.

Of course, if you are in the ‘not on your life’ side of the breakfast paste debate – how about some of this for the big day. It’s specifically designed to fit through a standard UK letterbox if you want to send it to someone via Royal Mail.

Don’t worry – the bottles ARE plastic.

The big day is just around the corner. Come back tomorrow and Friday to see my number 2 and number one royal wedding treats.


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