Royal Wedding Countdown #2

Hats. It’s all about the hats.

We have hats in Australia of course and I’ve worn a few. But mostly the hats I’ve worn have looked like this…

This is an Akubra hat, as worn by anyone and everyone in the Australian bush, including me.

Here in the UK – my hat wearing has mostly been at music festivals… and might not have been done in a ‘proper’ fashion.

I was awake, honestly I was.

I’ve never worn a wedding hat or a Royal Ascot hat – and while a part of me knows I’d probably look silly in a hat like these, part of me really, really wants to wear one.

Is pink my colour do you think?

I wandered through this Windsor department store, gently patting the hats and almost tried one on… but decided it would look pretty silly with the rock band T-shirt I was wearing.  Of course – if you like something pretty and sparkly – and that’s always an option in Windsor.

And only £3 for two – a bargain. One of each please.

It’s nearly here – the wedding and my number one Royal Wedding fantasy. Come back tomorrow and feast your eyes upon it’s magnificence.

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