Come Back to Coorah Creek

I’ve got a busy few months coming up – 4 – yes FOUR – releases in the next six months.

First of all, after being out of print for a while, my multi-award-winning  (is the the correct use of the hyphens? ) is back. I am so very pleased about this. This series of five books has some of my very favourite characters in it – the lovely, but scarred Dr Adam. Pilot Jessica. Trish at the pub who sees and hears all.  Jack who looks after the town and everyone in it in his own special way. 

The series begins with Flight To Coorah Creek – now out in Ebook with a shiny new cover. The second new release is Christmas at Coorah Creek – again with just the loveliest cover.


Both of these are ebooks.. but if you prefer a paperback – the Christmas story is included in a fabulous anthology with four other wonderful Australian authors. This will be out in plenty of time for Christmas – in bookshops and online retailers all around Australia and NZ.  Once again, the cover fairies have been good to me. How pretty is this?


Were you counting?  That’s three. One more to go. I don’t have a cover for that yet – but I can say this.. The book is called The Library at Wagtail Ridge. It’s all about a young woman’s search for the birth mother she never knew. It involves a mobile library – and a small town that opens its doors and its heart to a newcomer. And yes, there is a handsome hero. You may fall in love with him -or perhaps a Labrador puppy called Ollie.

But – more on that later. In the meantime, welcome back to Coorah Creek. Step into the pub. Ellen is cooking tonight and everyone knows she’s the best cook in town.  See you there.