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I have exciting news – there’s a new book on the way. But SSHHHH – its super secret for another few days. I’ll be back soon with news.


The Coorah Creek series published by Choc Lit & Farwell PublicationsThanks for dropping by my little corner of the web. It’s good to have you here.

My father taught me to love books when I was just a child – and that lifelong passion includes writing them as well as reading them.
I started scribbling short stories (mostly about ponies) in my schoolbooks when I was very small. Those schoolgirl scribbles slowly developed into ‘proper’ writing, leading me into the best job a person could ever have – being a writer.

I love writing books about the Australian outback, and have been touched by the amazing response from readers to my Coorah Creek books. It’s a series of novels set in a small town in outback Australia. The town is fictional, but it’s very real to me and to my readers. The series has won a number of awards, including the Epic Romantic Novel of the Year in the UK, Two Book Buyers best Awards and the Aspen Gold Readers’ Choice award in the USA.

The Heights by Juliet Bell published by HQ Digital

Although there are more books about Australia to come, I have taken a bit of a diversion and am now also writing as Juliet Bell – in collaboration with my writer friend Alison May. Juliet Bell has a preoccupation with misunderstood classic fiction, and stories that explore the darker side of relationships. The first book is The Heights – a modern retelling of the story of Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw, set in Yorkshire against the backdrop of the miner’s strike and the decline of a proud pit community. You can read more about it here.

There’s a lot more on my website – more books and some free short stories to read. While you’re here, please have a click around. There are musings on the blog, and details of my tutoring and manuscript appraisal services for writers.

Do come back soon.


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Move over Oscar

This week saw the Romantic Novelists’ Association RoNA Awards event. This is one of the highlights of my year – and even more so this year as I was one of the shortlisted authors. Wedding Bells by the Creek didn’t win it’s category, but that’s ok. The award went to my friend Jane Lovering – who writes funny, uplifting romances. She certainly deserved to win.

The evening was brilliant – a chance to catch up with friends and to celebrate some wonderful books and their equally fabulous authors. We writers spend a lot of time chained to our desks. We don’t get out that much. But when we do….

I am already looking forward to next year.


The RoNA ROSE shortlist – with the winner, Jane Lovering on the right.


Writing retreats 2018 - Intensive tutor-led retreats with Janet Gover and Alison May
Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Finalist for The Wild OneColorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence Finalist for The Wild One
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