You are invited to a wedding

I think the cover perfectly captures the feel of the book.

At last I can show you the cover of the new Coorah Creek book…

Isn’t it just beautiful?

This novella features all your old favourites in Coorah Creek. Trish and Syd are there. You’ll get to spend more time with Max and Tia who you met in Little Girl Lost.

There’s a new face in the town – and someone who has been gone for a long time has come back. That’s not good news for everyone.

Here’s the book blurb…

How do you forgive what you can never forget?

Helen Walsh has never stopped searching for the daughter who ran away from home when she was just fifteen. Now, her daughter has found her. Face to face with the woman her child has become, Helen longs to be forgiven for her mistakes.

Ed Collins has walked Helen’s path, and he knows that she needs more than her daughter’s forgiveness. He would help her if he could. Ed’s wife Stephanie returns – thirteen years after she deserted Ed and their young son. Now Ed is being asked to forgive. Steph was his first and only love… but are some things impossible to forgive?

In the tiny outback town of Coorah Creek, secrets are hard to keep. What will happen when Ed learns the truth about his wife? And as Helen plans her daughter’s wedding, dare she dream of her own?

It’s very exciting to launch a new book into the world. It’s available now to pre-order on Amazon – and will soon be on the other e-book platforms.

I hope you enjoy it.